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Ecological Hydroseeding

Designing and realization of high ecological value Hydroseeding measures, through using of native seeds’ mixtures and certificated as local, having the function of covering of wide and steep surface. Our Hydroseeding also include adding of seeds directly harvest in surrounded areas having similar ecological characteristic.

It is guarantee maximum proficiency on choosing of mixture’s composition and quantity of seeds, factors which are defined in function of the naturalistic, soil, geological, climatic, floristic and vegetation characteristic.

Application fields:

  • Total or partial restoration of humus.

  • Application on steep surfaces affected by superficial erosion.


We design and realize techo-soils produced from reuse of organic substance along whit waste soils or dig soils, modelled on thesoil, floristic and vegetation context in which this one have to be realized.

Pertinence field:

  • Very dry land: Restoration of a soil layer able to increase field capacity and vegetation growing in the area.

  • Roof Garden: as substrate used in order to allow taking root of the floristic species

Nursery Plant for Biodiversity

Commercialization of plant produced from native species and local germplasm. For this purpose we are one of the few societies authorized by Regione Sicilia. We also promote valorisation of native nursery plant like charter members and partners of AVIF (Associazione Vivaisti Forestali)

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