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Biocity Engineering Ltd., since 2006, applies holistic criteria to engineering processes for the territory and the city.
As can be seen from the profiles of members is composed by its leader, the naturalist engineer Gianluigi Pirrera, the architects Cesare Arangio and Silvia Pirrera and the town planner Francesco Paolo Urone. Among the collaborators and consultants the hydraulic engineer Roberto Camarda and the landscape architect Luca Ciliani.scope is that of the Bioengineering and Ecological Restoration (including desertification), Landscape (including Landscape Ecology), Technical Green (including Roof Gardens and Golf Courses) and Sustainable in the EIA, Environmental Impact Assessment, and the VAS, Strategic Environmental Assessment. Biocity Engineering Ltd, has among its primates the largest green roof made in Sicily (2000 sq. m.) as a cover for a shopping center and a parking.these fields the partners boast of teaching experience in Europe (Cyprus, Spain) and South America (Brazil, Mexico) and currently two architects conduct working experiences in architecture and landscape Spanish firm of international standing.of the five awards received by its leader in the field of "Green Cities" (Villarosa and Cava d'Ispica) and in that of the Landscape (Kamarina and Danisinni) reflect the attention to the Conservation of Cultural Heritage. Particularly those of Archaeological Parks, with the ancient botanical themes, and fluvial parks.

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